LAKE VIEW-FINAL _ ALT-2 cropped.jpg

Location: Newtown, CT

Year: 2017

Status: Proposal

Program: Memorial

Area: NA

In collaboration with Caleb Linville


This proposal attempts to resonate with the personal and collective grief emanating from the events of December 14, 2012, and provide space to reflect on the individual children and educators lost that day.The magnitude and solidity acknowledge profound sadness and loss, while its vaulted interior space connects to the natural beauty of the site, pointing to the future and inspiring hope. The site strategy draws inspiration from the existing topography and the contemplative experience of descending from the ‘upper,’ to the ‘lower’ fields, and on to the ponds below. The tiered landscape offers distinct moments of transition at each level, and the opportunity for the memorial to imbue meaning at four sequential moments: Approach (purple), Center (orange), Portal (blue), and Shelter (yellow) - All colors indicated in diagram below.


Site Plan

Section A